Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hanna and Laura come to visit!

Hhhmmm sooo I'm a little behind on posting but all that is going to change verryyy soon.  With that said....back to the end of July!

Our dear dear friends Hanna and Laura came to visit us toward the end of last month.  We turned our living room into one big bed and had a blast.  Unfortunately for them, New England was in the middle of a scorching heat wave so they didn't get any relief from their VA or TN summers.  It was HOT.

A few highlights:

- enjoying the city despite the suffocating heat
- playing mario kart
- cooking together at home
- eating lobster by the water
- playing settlers
- taking a swan boat ride
- staying up late talking, making curt tell stories, and making creme brulee
- going to church together and trying "snappy sushi" in the city for the first time
- taking some ridiculous pictures
- laughing...a lot.

Thanks again for coming to visit!  We love ya'll more than words can say and we're so so thankful for your friendship.
Our living room-turned-sleepover room

Dinner at home

A little settlers... 

The girls in the city

Curt was such a good sport hanging out with us aalll weekend.

Lobster pool - I love this picture, except that I look like I'm practicing my best posture or something

 yay! friends!

This is the beginning of a series of pictures.  We started playing the game where Curt would give a scenario and we would have to act it out.  This one was just a regular pic.

 "Ok, everyone look like Laura"

Shark attack!

Looking for a storm in the distance..

Sea sick...

We love Curt!

I don't remember this one... Hanna? Laura?


"Ok, now do your Mylie pose"

 Our yummy lobster dinner

Thanks again for a perfect weekend, girls!  We love you!

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