Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wish me luck!

....because I'm sure going to need it!  Curt was gone this weekend and I found myself with a lot of free time.  Sooooo I started a garden!  If you know me, you probably know that my mom is an amazing gardener.  My mother-in-law also possesses a pretty fancy green thumb.  Me?  Not so much. 

A few years ago Curt gave me a plant for my birthday.  We weren't even dating...just a friendly b-day gift...but my hilarious roommate insisted on calling it our "love fern"...she must've known something we didn't.   As far as plants go, the love fern was probably the easiest plant to keep alive...ever.   I did pretty well with it for a few months, probably because my roommate kept watering it.  But, eventually the love fern died...womp womp.  Good thing it wasn't a metaphor for my relationship with Curt!

And if you're wondering why I only watered half of the garden, the answer is two-fold:
1) that's all I've planted so far!
2) that's all the water the watering can holds...and it's a long walk back to the faucet

I'll try to update and let you know how it goes.  Prayers appreciated!

Friday, May 27, 2011

We finally bit the bullet...

We are officially residents of Massachusetts (yay?  sad face?  i'm still not quite sure...)

Now on to my 1st goal as an official resident:  Become a member of the Boston Public Library
2nd goal:  Be less scared of MA drivers

We're baaaaaaack...

We're well overdue for an update, so sorry for the long post!  We've been busy doing lots of fun things.

Hhhmmm...where to start?

Two weekends ago, our dear friend Kim came to visit!  We were so thankful to see a friendly face and the chance to spend lots of sweet time with such a special friend to both of us.  We did lots of fun "Boston-y" things and had a blast.  We started with the Freedom Trail, hit up the North End for lunch, got some cannollis for dessert, and soaked up the sun on Bunker Hill.  Then we made our way to the Sam Adams brewery and came home to make a yummy salmon dinner.

The next day we headed up the coast toward New Hampshire.  We took a beautiful drive right along the beach.  It was a little too cold for a beach day, but we enjoyed the views.  We stopped in Portsmouth, NH, one of my favorite towns, for a meal at The Friendly Toast and some window shopping.

 Kim and I were both weirdly nursing a foot injury...she broke her little toe...I sprained my foot from running.  We were two pathetic little girls....
On Sunday, Kim headed back to Virginia and I headed to the Gloucester Half Marathon.  It was the most hilly race I've ever run....and my foot was not thanking me for running 13 miles on it....but it felt really good to run a long race again.  Curt and our neighbors were awesome cheerleaders!

The next weekend, Maseel (our friend from JMU) and his wife Sumera were in town with her parents.  We had a great time meeting up with them in the city and going on a duck tour.  Confession:  I've secretly wanted to do this since we arrived here and I was SO excited.  It had all the elements of a great tour:  cheesy tour guide making ridiculous puns, historical facts about the city, lots of useless information, AND a tank-type thing that doubles as a boat!  How could you go wrong??

On Sunday we went to celebrate our neighbors, Preston and Sarah, with a baby shower.  They are expecting a little boy in June and we are SO excited for them....but we are also sad because they are moving away and I won't be able to babysit :(

We can't wait to meet him!