Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wish me luck!

....because I'm sure going to need it!  Curt was gone this weekend and I found myself with a lot of free time.  Sooooo I started a garden!  If you know me, you probably know that my mom is an amazing gardener.  My mother-in-law also possesses a pretty fancy green thumb.  Me?  Not so much. 

A few years ago Curt gave me a plant for my birthday.  We weren't even dating...just a friendly b-day gift...but my hilarious roommate insisted on calling it our "love fern"...she must've known something we didn't.   As far as plants go, the love fern was probably the easiest plant to keep alive...ever.   I did pretty well with it for a few months, probably because my roommate kept watering it.  But, eventually the love fern died...womp womp.  Good thing it wasn't a metaphor for my relationship with Curt!

And if you're wondering why I only watered half of the garden, the answer is two-fold:
1) that's all I've planted so far!
2) that's all the water the watering can holds...and it's a long walk back to the faucet

I'll try to update and let you know how it goes.  Prayers appreciated!


  1. It looks awesome, Catherine! I can't wait to see the handfuls of tomatoes you get in!

  2. Sorry to hear about the death of the love fern, Catherine. I hope that your garden (and ours) do well this summer!