Friday, August 12, 2011

Rebecca and Pete got married! (part 1)

Rebecca and I have known each other, literally, since we were born.  Our parents have been best friends since high school and our families have been going to the beach together every year since before we were born.

 Rebecca and I at my 7th b-day party.

We've also been going to the beach with the Sanyours, another couple my parents have been best friends with since high school.  Their daughter, Molly, and I were born on the same day.  Our dad's had a bet about who would be born first and her dad still hasn't paid up (c'mon Frank!).   I'm not making this up, people.  We all go to the beach every year and now (with spouses and children combined) have a total of about 500 people when we all get together.  We get together on Thanksgiving and Christmas...We're like family, we love each other, and we all have ridiculous nicknames for each other:  Eyeballs, Mole, Cheese, Lina, Lays...just to name a few. 

Molly and I when we were tiny.  Also, big shout out to Mole for supplying many of the pictures in this blog post and part 2. Thanks!!

This past weekend Rebecca married her best friend, Pete and we had an awesome time.  My mom (the most amazing hostess everrr) hosted the bridesmaid luncheon.  Watermelon and feta salad, plum sangria, sweet potato ham biscuits, and shrimp salad were a few of the delicious menu items.

She also made all the flower arrangements herself.

Shrimp salad

Sweet potato ham biscuits...sooooo good and they were heart-shaped!

The sweet bride and her bridesmaids
Pete comes from a large Italian family and for their rehearsal dinner, they had HOMEMADE Italian food and wine, a reggae band, and LOTS of people that love them dearly.  

The bride and groom!

Mole and I

love my tall guy!

The dads...I think Frank is strangling my dad in this pic

The dads and daughters.  They wanted to re-enact the "inner tube" (see below...sorry Molly and Rebecca!) picture we used to take at the beach every year.  It doesn't quite translate.


The Janney Fam and Pete

The moms and daughters
 Whew...this is getting long.  To be continued...


  1. edit: Molly and "I" (haha... only because you never let things like that slip) your blog kicks my blog's ass.

  2. touche kk (that rhymes!) duly noted and fixed. what would i do without you??

    also - if our blogs got in a fistfight, your's would def win. it's way more clever.