Wednesday, August 10, 2011

1 year! (part 1)

Our 1 year anniversary was a couple of weeks ago (July 31st, to be exact!).  We really wanted to go away for a night since we live so close to so many great places in New England.  July 31st fell on a Sunday, so we decided to put of our trip for a few weeks, so we could go on a Friday....hence part 1.

Even though we knew we would celebrate later, we still had to do a few fun things on the actual day...and the night before.  We made ourselves a special annivers-eve dinner and smoothies with our new juicer (this was an anniversary present and I am seriously OBSESSED with should totally get one).

Our summer fave... (quick tip: if you LOVE this as much as I do and usually make it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar, try a balsamic glaze instead.  It is sweeter and easier to make it look pretty.)

Curt's anniversary dance

I woke up and made us breakfast on Sunday morning before church.  Again with the smoothies because they are so. darn. GOOD!  And yes, that is a pancake in the shape of a K!

 After church, Curt surprised me by taking me to Wagamama, an Asian fusion restaurant I used to go to when I studied abroad in Ireland.  There are only 3 in the US and they are all located in Boston.  Lucky us!

 After lunch, we went up to the Skywalk in the Prudential Building.  It was really neat to see the whole city and listen to the audio guide.  There is so much to learn about this city...we feel like we'll never stop being tourists :)

On our way up to the top we saw this picture.  We imagine this is what we'll look like when we celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Views from the top...

It's been a great year.  We've had a lot of changes, transitions, firsts and lasts, hellos and goodbyes.  I think that the Lord has definitely brought us closer to each other and closer to Him during the course of this year.  Curt tells me everyday that he loves me more today than he did yesterday (aaww).  We pray that our love will continue to grow, that our marriage will be strong, and that we will never for get our first Love.

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  1. Your food photography is Awesome!!!!!!!!! And what a gorgeous day to be in the city. We can't wait to be back!