Sunday, April 28, 2013

Three Months with Caroline

Caroline is three months a week or so!

 teeny tiny feet

 lots of spit up = outfit change!


Post-sneeze cuteness 

Hi sweet girl!  You are three months old now and you are so much fun.  You love to laugh, smile, and "talk" to your daddy and me.  You are the most amazing sleeper, which makes your mama happy and most mornings I have to wake you up when it's time to eat.  I love to wake you up because it's one of my favorite things to see you smile at me and stretch your arms and legs.  You are still teeny tiny, most of the time swimming in your 0-3 month clothes.  You are already trying to roll over, which makes me think you are probably a genius.  You love to listen to your daddy and mama sing and your favorite song seems to be "Hungry Eyes"...which is hilarious, and I'm still not really sure how we figured that one out.  Thanks for being so sweet and bringing so much joy to us.

Mama and Daddy

One Month with Caroline
Two Months with Caroline

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