Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things I am currently digging...April edition

I really like it when people recommend things they love on their blogs.  So, I thought maybe it was time to share the love and write about some things that I'm currently loving.  My hope is that you will find something that you really love and then we can just keep passing it on...enjoy!

1. The Skimm!  It's a FREE daily newsletter (e-mailed to you around 6am M-F) that gives you the basic gist of the day's news.  They also have a sense of humor...love.  It certainly doesn't replace reading the paper, but it's helpful if your short on time and still want to know what's going on in the world.  If you're interested, you can subscribe using this link.  Also - it looks like it's just for girls from their logo, but Curt reads it and digs it too.

2. Tracy Anderson's Post Pregnancy DVD.  After just having a baby, this thing is in.sane.  It is really hard, but I love it a lot.  It's a mat-based workout and probably more for toning than anything else. Also, she's really nice.  I kind of wish we were friends in real life (weird??).

3.  Old Navy sweatshirts!  These are soooo comfortable.  nuff said.

4.  Sunshine!  We've finally had a few warm days up here and it's amazing what sun and warmth will do for your overall attitude towards life.  As a summer-lover, the winters are really hard (and LONG!) for me...so sunshine is super exciting.

5. Trader Joe's Orange-Flavored Cranberries.  These are tiny nuggets from heaven.  I like eat them plain or put them in these muffins.  

6.  Woombie Lil Houdini Swaddler - Ah-mazing.  It is essentially like a straight-jacket for your baby.  Who wants to mess with wrapping a swaddle every night?  Not this mama.  This thing zips up (so easy!) and can unzip just at the bottom for diaper changes.  We only use it at night, but it calms Caroline immediately and she's sleeping 11-12 hours straight...holler!!  Word to the wise - don't dry it in the dryer!

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