Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Months with Caroline

 Found my hands!

 Still figuring this whole "smile" thing out

 Loooves to look out the window


Happy two months sweet girl!  You are such a fun and happy baby.  We love to dress you up in cute, girly clothes...and you don't seem to mind too much.  All the kids at church adore you and you even smiled at some of them this week.  Sometimes I get sad when I think about how much you've already grown and how fast it's gone by, but I'm happy that you are a healthy, growing girl.  I love watching you learn to smile.  You sort of look confused, then happy, then confused again.  It makes me laugh.  When you are falling asleep you move your eyes back and forth like one of those kitty cat clocks.  That makes me laugh too.  We are so thankful for your sweet, joyful, and laid-back personality.

We love you so much,

Mama and Daddy

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