Monday, January 7, 2013

The Beach! (times two!)

**Sooooo I just realized I never posted this from back in July. Whoops!...better late than never! :)

Curt and I were able to go home to Virginia for almost 3 weeks at the beginning of July.  It was awesome to have so much time to spend with friends and family from Virginia.  One of the best parts was that we got to spend two weeks at the beach!  One week with my family and one week with Curt's family.

Some fun memories:  4th of July at the river, digging to China with our nephew, listening to our niece laugh little baby giggles, sharing our baby news in person with friends and family, staying up late playing cards, sailboating and paddleboating with the Kenneys, amazing handmade green shirts :), celebrating our nephew's 4th birthday...

4th of July cake!

River cruisin' on the boat

Love these people :)

He's going to be such a good daddy :)

Ben LOVED his goggles.  It was hilarious.

Crazy sunscreen hair


More cuties

Playing cards on the beach

Mary Ellen was fearless on the beach and loved the water.

 Loungin' baby

Curt and Ben's expressions in this picture crack me up

Digging to China

Ben's birthday!  Bubbles!

We were having too much fun with the Kenneys to take any pictures.  Actually...our camera had been left behind :(  We had lots of fun with them, but just don't have the pictures to prove it.

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