Saturday, January 19, 2013

Baby's Room

I had such a good time putting together the baby's room.  I didn't really go into it with any specific ideas other than the fact that I wanted it to be a relaxing place that wasn't too baby-ish.  I'm really happy with the way it turned out.  The one thing that bugs me is that we obviously don't have baby girl's crib yet.  We just decided that since we will be moving in about 6 months we would wait to get it so we don't have one more piece of furniture to move.  So for now, pack n' play it is!

Curt's Aunt Evelyn made us this cute alphabet quilt.  She is so talented and we love the way it turned out.  Thanks again, Evelyn!

This is a dreamlight from Urban Outfitters.  It can be used like a nightlight and it's one of my favorite things in the room.  It looks like a jar of lightning bugs!  I may or may not sit in here at night with the lights out and just watch it. :)

 Here are some links, if you're interested:

Now, if only our baby would make her grand entrance... It looks like they will begin the induction process on Monday if she's not here by then.  I would love for her to come on her own (i.e. without induction), but we are trusting in God's we'll see.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated!


  1. catherine - david was late too and i was super grumpy and sounds like you're doing better than me :)
    the nursery looks great. and we had a crib, then kept david in his pack n play for over 4 months and just felt guilty for having a crib, so don't be bugged by the lack of crib!

  2. looks great! the whole design feels very you. oh, & you know I love that baby girl will be immediately familiar with mates of state!

  3. love it, Cacks!!!!!! It looks great!

  4. Looks wonderful!!!! Hudson slept in a pnp for 4 months until we moved! She is going to love it!

    Good luck tomorrow!