Thursday, January 10, 2013

Due date...

Welp, my baby girl is due today!  However, she must take after her dad because it appears she is planning on making a late arrival ;)  (love you, Curt!).

I'm still feeling good and sleeping well but I am so anxious to hold our sweet baby.... and to put her in all these cute clothes we have!  I can't even believe she is going to fit into these clothes...even the newborn ones look big to me.

We are just about ready to go.  Baby clothes are washed and put away.  My bag is packed.  I have a list of extra items we need to grab posted on the door (true type-A style!).  Our carseat is installed.  Baby's room is ready (pics to come soon!).

 Come on, baby girl! We are ready to meet you!

Yes, I love striped shirts. :)

1 comment:

  1. You look wonderful and ready!! Maybe today is the day. I'm praying for a safe delivery. Send photos ASAP -- can't wait to see baby girl. xoxox