Monday, December 24, 2012

Showers for baby girl

*Once again, I have fallen behind on the blog.  I wrote this about a month ago, but am just now posting.  My b! :)*

I'll be honest.  It's been hard being away from family during these past few years.  I am a homebody by nature.  I much prefer getting cozy on the couch to a night out on the town.  The same goes for where I live.  I would definitely prefer to live close to friends and family than set out on an adventure in a faraway place.

However, we have been so blessed by several different communities since we moved up to Massachusetts and they have really rallied around us as we get ready to welcome our baby girl in just a little over a month (whaaat??!!) - (*update - about 2 weeks! double whaaaa?!)   Warning:  LOTS of pictures to follow and please excuse the fact that I'm wearing the same outfit in pretty much all of them (hey...whatever fits!).

One of those communities is our church community.  Personal opinion alert:  we go to the best church in the city of Boston and probably a lot of other places too.  We LOVE our church and especially the people that make up our church.   Some lovely ladies from said church hosted the sweetest shower for myself and another girl who is expecting in December. *update - she had her baby and she's precious!)

 Jess and me (she just had her baby!)

 Our sweet hostesses

 A second wonderful community is the one we live in right here at the seminary.  I was afraid before we moved here that seminary was a place for nerdy people and that I wouldn't find any friends.  I'm really glad I was wrong because we've met some really great friends that have been such a wonderful support to us over these past two and a half years.  Some of these sweet friends threw us a shower for our baby girl!

Hostess gifts I was really proud of :)
 Hostess friends!

The third community we are thankful for is my school community.  I work at a satellite preschool, so I don't get to interact with the other teachers (other than my TA) on a regular basis.  However, my principal and the other preschool teachers and I get together regularly and they were so sweet to throw my a little shower.  I'm thankful for these sweet ladies!

We also had an amazing shower in Richmond over Thanksgiving, but I'll post about that in my Thanksgiving post...promise I'll get around to it soon!

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