Monday, December 24, 2012

Catherine's 30th Birthday

Curt and I both turned 30 within a month of one another.  We thought about doing something together with friends but never quite got around to planning it.  Instead we decided to celebrate in ways that catered more to our individual personalities.  For me, we went up to Maine for the weekend and celebrated just the two of us.  For Curt, we got a group of friends together and went out to eat and then to a Celtics game (this post got long quick, so I'll save pics from Curt's b-day for another post).

Catherine's Birthday...

My sweet friend Sage and I have birthdays one day apart.  We've had fun celebrating at our community group the past two years. 

I took Friday off from school (gasp!) and Curt and I headed up to York, Maine on Thursday night.  The next morning we took a drive up the coast to Kennebunkport, ME and stopped to see some lighthouses on the way.

 My yummy lunch - lobster roll and french fries!

 Our cute little inn...right on the water.

The view across the street...

Curt surprised me with a spa pedicure!  What a good hubby..

Sorry this picture is so terrible, but it's the only one of us.  The parents in my class surprised us (with the help of my sneaky TA) with a very generous gift certificate for the restaurant at the inn where we were staying.  We got to enjoy a lovely dinner on the night of my birthday thanks to them!
 Overall, it was a perfect birthday for to spend time with Curt, relax, and eat good food.  :)

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