Monday, January 30, 2012

Rest time

I have 12 cute little things lying on mats in front of me. We are listening to a Lullabies CD on low volume and the room is dim.  Half the kids are asleep, half are restless....rolling around, kicking their legs into the air, looking at board books.

One little girl likes to get her mat as close to my rocking chair as possible without me rocking on her tiny fingers.  She's touching my shoe right now.  It tickles a little.

I whisper to her to put her own shoe back on...somehow it always finds its way onto the floor during this time.  She struggles with the zipper on the side and then looks up at me with pleading eyes.  I nod at her and she yanks it up.

Another little girl is across the room, quiet as can be, pulling her spare clothes out of a ziploc bag and trying to dress herself...over her normal clothes.  I catch her eye and she slowly puts them back in the bag, a little smile creeping onto her face.

Rest time is both calming and hilarious to me.

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