Tuesday, January 3, 2012

birthday craziness

We've had a lot of birthdays at school lately.  I think I had 6 kids with a birthday in November.  Crazy.  So since we've been celebrating at least one birthday a week, somehow now all the rest of the kids are convinced that their birthday is coming any day now too!  It's really fun.  Also, preschoolers have no concept of time, so our conversations go something like this:

kid - "Mrs. Kenney, is today my birthday?'
me - "No, so-and-so your birthday is not until March so you have to wait a little while longer."
kid - "So, is my birthday tomorrow?"
me - "No, not tomorrow either.  March is a long time from now.  You have to wait for many, many days."
kid - "So, is my birthday the next day?"
me - {sigh}

They've also gotten really into telling everyone in the class that they are going to invite him/her to their birthday party.  Even if their birthday is in June.  And if they get mad at a friend, the first thing they say is, "You can't come to my birthday party."

One of my favorite things about teaching preschool is what the kids say to me as soon as they walk in the door.  Most of them are already talking to me when they are still down at the end of the hall.  Talking about something that happened at home, talking about what clothes they are wearing, talking about something that happened 2 weeks ago that they are just now remembering...pretty much anything that comes into their little brains.  So the other day one of my little girls comes down the hallway talking about....you guessed it....her birthday party!  She's going on and on about who she is going to invite, what kind of cake, etc.  Then she hands me this:
So I say what I always say.  Something like, "Oh, how pretty!  Can you tell me about it?"

Her response:  "It's an invitation to my birthday party!  It says, Dear Mrs. Kenney, I love you so much.  I am having a birthday party on 15  20 (what??).   I want you to come to my birthday party.  Also, don't forget to bring me a present.  That's important." 

"Oh wow. Your card says all that?"

The best part?  Her birthday isn't until April.

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