Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday morning baking

I love Saturdays.  I love not having to get up for work.  I love having time to drink my coffee, read my Bible, and enjoy a quiet apartment.

I also love baking something new on a Saturday.   There is something therapeutic to me about combining flour, sugar, milk, and eggs....something therapeutic about kneading dough, listening to music, drinking coffee, and creating something delicious and warm from scratch.

Today I decided to make this yummy cinnamon sugar pull-apart bread, posted by Joy the Baker the other day.  As one who has an obsessive love of all things cinnamon and sugar, I knew I had to make this. 

 I also made a half-batch of the same icing I made for my cinnamon rolls.  We drizzled a little over the top.  Sooooooo yummy! 

 It puffed up a lot in the oven!

Like the cinnamon rolls, it takes time....but the end result is definitely worth it.


  1. I just saw this recipe yesterday and got a little giddy about it. Yours looks absolutely delicious. Hope all is well in Boston!


  2. So, minutes after reading this post, I got an email from Andy saying, "um, can we make this some time? (website inserted here) I saw it on the kenneys blog... catherine put icing on top too. looks amazing"
    hahaha guess I will be trying this sometime this week! It's not often he has requests, so I'de better get on it!

  3. So glad ya'll are going to try it! A couple pieces of advice:

    1) When you're letting it rise the second time (once it's already in the bread pan), Joy suggests letting it rise 30-45 minutes. I let it rise for the full 45 min and it was HUGE when I took it out of the oven. Maybe letting it rise for about 30 min would've been better.

    2) *I will preface this note by saying that neither Curt nor I have a strong sweet tooth.*
    The icing looks really good in the picture, but it made this REALLY sweet...too sweet (for us). I tried it later with no icing and liked it better.

    3) It's just as good the next day (and the next day after that)... Just pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and voila!

  4. this looks amazing & delicious. also, i MISS you.