Wednesday, February 2, 2011

aNOTHER snow day!

Soooo I'm new to this area....but I'm pretty sure TWO snow days from work are almost unheard of up here (correct me if I'm wrong, New England-ers).  But I'm not complaining!  Gordon-Conwell was closed too, so Curt and I had the day off together.  It was really great to slow down for a day, spend some extra time reading the Bible, and drink my coffee out of a real cup instead of a travel mug.   I didn't chronicle my whole day this time....I didn't think y'all really cared about seeing pictures of me laying on the couch.  Needless to say, it was a pretty lazy day.

However, I did want to keep with the tradition of making cinnamon buns on a snow day, but didn't have any on-hand from the grocery store.  I decided to try to make them from scratch.   I didn't quite realize what an undertaking this was because I started them at around 7am and we didn't actually end up eating them until about 11:30am.  Whoops!  I guess if you really wanted them for breakfast, you'd have to wake up verryyyy early.  Just in case you're curious, I used this recipe.

Also, this was very exciting because I got to use my new Kitchen-Aid stand mixer for the 2nd time!  Thanks again to the Barritt clan for this amazing gift.  I love it!


They turned out pretty well!  Come visit us and I'll make these for you.  Yes, I am willing to bribe visitors with food.  I promise, it's not that cold up here... bahahaha!

And yes, Laura and I will have these on the menu at "Crumbs"  (see the end of this post if you're confused).


  1. Ok I am REALLY impressed. That is truly making them from scratch. I might just have to make it up there for some of these, and I am not usually a cinnamon-bun-kind-of-girl.

  2. Oh wow Catherine-- those are AMAZING! I might be knockin' on your door next snow day!

  3. Catherine!!! They were amazing! Catherine is a wonderful cinnamon roll baker!! Thanks for sharing with me :-)

  4. Oh, Catherine! Those look delicious! My mouth is actually watering! I think it must have been worth the 4.5 hour wait...