Thursday, March 17, 2011

My other sister has a new baby girl!

Mary Ellen Cowgill was born yesterday to my older sister Julia and brother-in-law Bobby!  Curt and I were thrilled at the news of the arrival of our new neice!  It's times like these that it's tough to be away from home.  We can't wait to meet you, Mary Ellen!

As of now, this is the only picture I have.  I promise to post more sweet baby pics as I get them.  Look how tiny she is!  Love it.

On another note, we are on our way to Virginia today!  We will be spending the weekend with the Kenneys to celebrate Lana's (Curt's grandmother) 90th birthday!  We can't wait!  More to come...

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  1. Yeah! I love a tiny baby burrito! beautiful name too. Catherine, check out the little business my friends and I I think it is right up your alley.