Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving in Virginia

Thanks to a generous gift from my parents, we were able to fly home to Virginia for Thanksgiving!  We had a great time meeting up with friends from high school and JMU, hanging out with family, and eating lots and lots of food. 

 Catherine and Molly eating oysters at the Turkey Bowl (an Edmonds' family tradition) on Thanksgiving morning.
Mary, Catherine, and good to have all three sisters together!

I realized a little too late that we took zero pictures of Curt and me at my aunt's house for Thanksgiving :(  However, we assure you we had a great time and ate lots of good food.

On Friday we got to spend some quality time with the Kenneys!  We met Tom, Mabel, and Susan in Williamsburg for lunch at the King's Arms Tavern.  It was a nice day to walk around and see the Christmas decorations.

We caught up over coffee at the William & Mary Barnes and Noble, discussing Curt and Susan's most recent papers, world news, and life in general.  Here, Tom is explaining to us what will occur in the year 2011.  :)

On Saturday our dear friend, Laura Dean, hosted a brunch for several of our JMU/Richmond friends.  We had a great time catching up with everyone and wished it could have lasted longer....there's never enough time for all the catching up we want to do.

Saturday afternoon/evening we went to the wedding of a close family friend.  We had a great time getting down on the dance floor and catching up with family friends.

Before we left town on Sunday, we were able to go to brunch with our good friend, Blaine.  Sadly, we did not take a picture....but as a tribute to our dear friend, we found this picture. Enjoy!

It was a very busy and very fun trip.  I'll end with a few pictures of Curt and the cutest nephew on the planet.  We miss him very much and he's growing up too fast!!
 Ben loved playing games on Curt's iphone.  Look at those Christmas pajamas!

Such a sweet face!

We're in the process of getting our apartment ready for Christmas.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Catherine, your hair is way cute. We're enjoying your blog! Merry Christmas!