Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Christmas! Let's Be Glad!

As our first married Christmas approaches, we decided to bring the joy to our apartment in the form of decorations.  Don't get too's not much, but it makes us happy.  Because of regulations in our apartment building, we had to get a fake tree (eeek...sorry to all you real-tree lovers).  Here is Curt putting it together:

One of my favorite things about decorating the tree growing up, was looking at all the old ornaments that my sisters and I had made in elementary school and laughing at all our old school pictures.  We didn't have any of those funny ornaments this year, but I did have a few favorites.

  • My great aunt, "Auntie," hand-crocheted these beautiful snowflake ornaments.  My mom used to have the whole collection, but she has graciously divided them up among herself and the three girls.  We are so happy to have them on our tree!

  • Our close family friends, the Janneys, gave us a bridal collection of German ornaments for our wedding.  Each ornament symbolizes a wish for the new couple as they begin their lives together.  This teapot is one of my favorites and it symbolizes hospitality, something I pray we will always show in our home.
  •  Another close family friend, the Murphy's, gave us a beautiful set of glass Santa ornaments from Princess House.  This guy roasting a marshmallow over the fire is so great.

Here are a few more of us decorating the tree.

The final product!!  We are missing a tree topper and a tree skirt.  Donations welcome :)  If I get ambitious, I may try to make a tree skirt....we'll see.

Here's  a cute little ropey tree that I found on sale at Target.  I like it so much, I might just leave it up all year 'round.  And yes, we need some candles for our candlesticks...

Also, if you can name the origin of the title of this blog post you will have a special place in my heart....


  1. Sufjan! Playing constantly in our house right now! (Your sisters bangs, she cut them herself... haha)

  2. I know exactly where it's from- my blog on 12/04/10. Check it, plagiarist! In the spirit of Christmas, I still love you.

  3. You can just put a white blanket under the tree as a replacement for a skirt and it looks like snow! That's what we do! julia

  4. my mom is so happy that you love those snowmen! you are way too cute! i love you! your holiday card is insanely gorgeous!!!!!!! miss you lots. xo