Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Curt's Birthday!

We celebrated Curt's birthday this past Tuesday (December 14th).  It was right in the middle of finals week so we kept the celebration low key.  I made Curt a dinner of his request:  meatloaf (thanks again to our amazing friend Laura Dean for this recipe...it's the best!), mashed potatoes, and macaroni & cheese.  I took the liberty of adding green beans to our exceptionally starchy meal.  Curt's not much of a "cake" guy, so for dessert we had creme brulee.  It was quite the adventure in baking, but it turned out pretty well!

It was fun to celebrate Curt together as a married couple.  I'm so thankful a husband that loves the Lord, loves me, is kind, sweet, smart, funny, helpful, even-tempered, and forgiving.  We have so much fun together every day and I look forward to celebrating many more years of my great husband.  Here are a few pictures from our night:

The feast!

 Poor birthday boy trying to study.

 Thanks again to Julia and Bobby for our creme brulee set and torch!  It was so fun to use.


 Happy Birthday, Curt!  I love you!

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