Sunday, October 9, 2011

at home date night

Things have been pretty busy around here.  It's really nice to have a long weekend with no major plans.  It has also been unseasonably warm (yay!) and we actually got to go to the beach yesterday!

 yes, those are horses on the beach (only in New England!)

Since we've been so busy, Curt and I haven't spent a whole lot of one-on-one time together.  Sooooo we decided that tonight we would have an "at home" date night!  We do these often because, let's be honest...we're on a pretty tight budget.  I know that's probably hard to believe with me being a teacher and Curt being in school.  No worries though, he's sure to make plenty of money once he gets a job as a pastor.....bahahaha!

But seriously, we have kind of enjoyed living our simple life and coming up with new ways to have fun with very little money.  Hence, the "at home" date night.  Here are our rules:

1. Plan out the dinner ahead of time.  The dinner must have an appetizer, main course, and dessert.  It also must be very tasty....but with minimal "hands-on" time.

2. Set the table all fancy-like (cloth napkins, real silverware, and candles....shhhh don't tell b/c we're really not supposed to have candles in our apt).

3. Play some fancy music.  Usually we open up the old record player and put on some jazz or classical...yeahhh, settin' the mood!

4. Enjoy our meal together and pretend that we are at a really fancy restaurant.

5.  Don't do the dishes until tomorrow (gasp!  for those of you that know me this is a hard one, but it's part of the deal).

I think that's all the rules.  Obviously, they are not hard and fast, but we do try to stick to them.  The best part:  when you're super full and you just want to flop on your actually get to!  No paying the bill, no tipping, no driving home.  It's awesome.

 For tonight's at home date, I made chicken piccata/marsala.  I'm not really sure what the difference is between the two....I should probably look that up.  Anyway, I used a combination of this recipe and this recipe.  And let me tell was delicious!!  Now, I'm not one to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!!!  I have always struggled with cooking meat, especially chicken.  It's always either overcooked or undercooked.  Always.  But not tonight.  Somehow I managed to perfectly cook it so that it literally melted in your mouth.  And the sauce...ohhhh the sauce.  It was like the perfect marriage of butter and lemon and capers and brown bits from the bottom of the pan and white wine and heavy cream.  Heaven, I tell you.

Soooo what are your favorite date nights?


  1. Love it! At home date nights are the best ever for sure!

  2. This sounds fantastic! Our at-home date nights go the more college route. We like soda, tostinos pizza rolls, ice cream and doritos. Sometimes all in one night, with some old school HULU reruns. Don't worry-- we put an extra run in the next day!