Monday, July 29, 2013

Six Months with Caroline

loving those toes! 

6 months going on 16...

Sweet Caroline,

I remember before you were born I used to look at your 6 month clothes and wonder how such a tiny thing could ever fit into those "huge" clothes.  Yet here we are and you are growing bigger every day.   Sometimes an outfit that fit you yesterday is suddenly too small.  Your personality remains sweet and smiley, although we've seen a new side to that since you've started teething.  You have a new nickname as a result:  "Caro-whiney."  Unfortunately for you, I think that nickname will stick long past your infancy :)

You went to the beach for the first time this month.  You got to meet some family friends fro the first time and people started calling you "cueball" because of your bald head (bahahaha).  Don't worry!  I'm sure you'll have some hair by the time your 2nd birthday rolls around.

We moved to a new apartment just outside Boston and you have been a source of joy through a difficult transition.  It doesn't bother you that there are boxes everywhere, that we don't yet have a couch, or that our apartment is approximately the size of a shoebox.  We can't believe that in another six months of fun, fussiness, and fancy headbands (much to your Dada's chagrin), you'll be one!

Mama and Daddy

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