Thursday, June 16, 2011

the beach!

Last week we went to the beach!

It was amazing!

It was relaxing!

It was fun!

Seriously.  It was so great to take a WHOLE week off from work and get to hang out with my family.  We started the week off at Ti and Scotty's wedding.  On Sunday we headed down to Duck, NC.  My family has been going to Duck for vacation since before I was born.  It's a place that is as familiar to me as home and my summer wouldn't be the same without it.  We eat amazing food, drink wine, hang out on the beach until the sun goes down, we snuggle with sweet babies, eat fudge, play cards, pick crabs, and lots of other fun stuff.

 baby bikini

 happy birthday, maggie!

 love from nana

 pickin' some crabs

 i'm going to be an awesome mom.

 thumbs up for a sleeping baby.

 my sweet parents.

 Nanie, Ben, and Mary Ellen

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  1. You are going to be an awesome Mom!!! Only babies who really like you let their hair down enough to cry around you ;)