Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Day!

This past Wednesday, a huge snowstorm came through Boston.  We got close to 2 feet of snow (I think we actually got a little more than that, but I'm no meteorologist)!  Snow days are very different up here than they are in the South.  In Virginia, you see the little snowflakes coming in the 10-day forecast on and you get really excited.  As the days get closer and the snowflakes stay snowflakes (and don't turn to raindrops), you get even more excited.  Finally, it is the night before it's about to snow.  You already battled it out in the grocery store, buying every comfort food that came to your mind, and now they are calling for 3 plus inches of snow!!!  Unbelievable!  School is already canceled and you can't wait to drink hot chocolate and sit in your PJs all day tomorrow.

Up here they are calling for snow pretty much every other day.  The day after Christmas, they were predicting a blizzard, with 18+ inches of snow falling in a 24 hour period.  The snow came, the wind blew, we had white-out conditions....and I was at work at 9am the next morning.  BUT....this past Wednesday was different.  We got almost 2 feet of snow, and it fell most heavily during the morning commute.  Perfect!  The mayor called a state of emergency and I finally got my snow day!

I had to take full advantage of this rare, rare opportunity.  Here was my day:

Now, on my typical snow day, I prefer to sleep in.  However, I didn't even find out about my snow day until about 7am.  In my excitement, I ran in to the bedroom, jumped on Curt, and yelled something about snow, pajamas, and hot chocolate.  Needless to say, he was confused and not quite ready to share in my snow day enthusiasm.  I decided to let him sleep.

I started the day with a leisurely cup of hazelnut coffee in the fun cup and saucer (as opposed to my regular travel mug).

 I peeked out the window at the snow.  It was really coming down!

I baked up some Grands cinnamon rolls.  A must-have (in my humble opinion) on a snow day.  I had bought these the night before in hopes of the snow day.  *Blaine: This is for you.  I know how much you love to read about what people ate for breakfast.

I enjoyed a last look at our Christmas tree.  We finally took it down that day.  Until next year, Christmas tree....

 After being lazy for most of the day, we eventually ventured out into the snow. 
 The front of our apartment building.

 I thought I was so smart to leave the wipers up on the car.  It ended up looking like a giant snow bug with 2 antennae sticking out.

 Jen and Rachel

 The walkway through campus.

Because of the snow, the flash, and his glasses, Curt ended up looking like Marcie from Peanuts in every picture.
 Our snowman!

 Me, Marya, Snowman, Jen, and Rachel. 

 Curt, Chris, and Patrick.  Yes, Curt is holding the snowman's hand.  Sorry for all the snow in the pictures, our little camera couldn't take without a flash.

I also worked on a new sewing project on the snow day... more to come on that.

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  1. I feel like I'm there! What fun!