Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

We rang in the new year by having some people from our building over, playing games, and just hanging out.  It was low key and nice.  In lieu of pictures, I'll leave you with this gem from Justin Beiber.  We may or may not be doing a lot of dancing/singing to this song in our apartment these days...


  1. This is so funny because June loves to dance to this song! It's hysterical. As soon as the music starts, she recognizes it immediately. She stops whatever she's doing and will start "dancing." She's done this since she was 10 months old. Needless to say it's played a lot in our house too. Hey, the boy's got talent, right?! I'll have to post a video of her dancing on our blog to show you what we mean. . .

  2. That's hilarious! You should definitely put a video of it on your blog...I would love to see that. And yes, he's got LOTS of talent. I had to restrain myself from putting several videos of him up there. We love it all!

  3. I JUST bookmarked your blog!!! and I LOVE me some bieber!!! hahaha! love the blog!