Thursday, November 20, 2014

Summer 2014

Our summer still feels like such a blur...  moving, going to the beach, living at both of our parents' houses, going to the river, trying to see friends, etc.  I have to give a huge shout out to both my parents and Curt's parents for hosting us for the summer (and part of the fall too!).   My majorly pregnant self was less than helpful and Curt was usually gone either applying to jobs or interviewing.  This left my mom and Mabel to chase Caroline around and keep her entertained.  I did what I could, but they were truly lifesavers for me.  Thank you!!!

No caption needed...

4th of July weekend at the river

 Another failed attempt at a family photo...

A trip to JMU

Celebrating Ben's 6th Birthday (how did that happen??)

ummmm...can you tell she adores him? 

Celebrating our 4th anniversary!

At Maymont with Nana 

At the zoo with Nana and Daddy

Watching "Frozen" (Side note:  This picture is completely candid.  I swear, Curt loves this movie as much as Caroline does...and that's a lot!)

Vacuuming with Mimi

 Labor Day Weekend at the River

Playing with cousin Isla...

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