Sunday, April 8, 2012

Vacationing in "The Cod"

Instead of giving each other presents for Christmas this year, Curt and I decided to put our money towards a mini-vacation.  We both happened to have the same week off from school/work in February (yay for MA schools' February vacation and Reading Week at GCTS), so we decided to take advantage of a mid-week Living Social deal in Cape Cod.   Only people around here don't call it Cape Cod.  They affectionately refer to is as simply "The Cape."

So the Sunday before we head out on our trip, a couple from our church was asking what we had planned for the week.  Curt starts telling them about how we both have the week off and we are planning to head down to "The Cod" for a few days.  The couple (both MA natives and well-versed in vernacular such as "The Cape") smiled and nodded politely and wished us well.  I immediately laughed my head off and (lovingly, of course!) pointed out Curt's blunder.  I'm actually still laughing about it now.

So, all that to say....we had a lovely time in "The Cod."  We stayed at a great little B&B called Gabriel's in Provincetown, MA (right on the tip of Cape Cod).  We enjoyed exploring the area and had some unseasonably warm weather (by warm I mean mid to low 50's).  Here are a few pictures from our trip.

 On our way!

 Our cute room

 Fun treats included in our room package

Waling the beach bike trail on an unseasonably beautiful day in February.

 Heading out to dinner!

Aaaand the surprise we woke up to the morning after we came home.  Hello again, winter!

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